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Ewe Love


Hi and welcome to Ewe Love 

Ewe Love is a part of Sheep Sanctuary which is home to almost 200 ex farmed animal rescues. 

Having around 120 sheep rescues and an awful lot of sheep fleeces, we decided to use the much loved sheared fleece and turn them into arts and crafts merchandise created by us to raise much needed funds as well as raising awareness. 

We are based in tranmire which is in whitby and a part of National parks north yorkshire moors. 

We are open to the public during the summer via sanctuary tours, shepherd hut bookings or sheep walking sessions, but every year we expand so feel free to get intouch.
During the winter we are doing sessions on a friday or sat but get intouch if you wish to come 
you can find more details

You can usually get me via text on 07919310839 ( i cannot always answer phone as i may be in the fields with the animals) or by email 

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