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Ewe Love

The Herd

Ewe Love ~ Sheep 

Being home to 120 sheep ( plus cows, pigs goats, donkeys, alapcas, hens, turkeys and geese) truly is a fulltime job but its a labour of love. 

Sheep are now our main part of the sanctuary and everyone of them has a name and a story to tell. 
There are so many wonderful characters i could write a book. I cannot tell you all about them here but you can always come and visit and meet some of the little kids, as we now do sheep walking and also coming soon, "Hot Chocolate with sheep " ~ please enquire 

We have four stunning herdwick boys Sprout, Tatties, Neeps and Parsnip who have been with us 3 years now
"Sprout" is such a poser, he is handsome and he knows it 

Then there's the Blacknose valais boys, Oreo, casanova, humbug, jammie, gogo and guinness, all such lovely sheep, so affectionate and fun 


Prince Jammie _ the boy who thinks he's a dog 

We work with a few farmers and take on the rejects really, orphaned lambs or the ill ones, this can really be heartbreaking as each case is different and because many are ill it also brings sadness when you lose them. We do try our best to get each lamb through and this can be very expensive as we use vets and our own learned knowledge to give then every chance. The really sick lambs live in our house to give them as much as we possibly can
Little "Boo" was our this years rescue, sadly "bubbles" who he arrived with did not make it and many times it was touch and go with Boo, but with a lot of love he pulled through and is now life and soul of the party. He knows his name and comes to you instantly and he loves to come sheep walking with us. 

We do "Guardianship" which is a bit different to what others do.. We let just one person b e a guardian to the chosen sheep. This costs £50 one off fee and then a monthly set up of £10 ( all of which goes towards the keep and care of our flocks) _if interested in becoming a guardian then please get intouch as we have quite a few sheep without guardians that you can also name. Please visit our sister site SHEEP SANCTUARY and click on the contact button 

Or if you want to help support our sheep you can become a baa baa buddy...which gives you access to our supporters club where we post updates on the sheep and guardians Baa Baa Buddy