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Ewe Love

The Herd

Ewe Love ~ Works mainly with Sheep for inspiration

We create needle felted sculptures that are inspired by some of the characters at "Sheep Sanctuary" 

The herdwick boys Sprout, Tatties, Neeps and Parsnip have a range of needle felted mini gifts available 
"Sprout" is such a poser, he is handsome and he knows it 

We can also design and make sheepish felted gifts inspired by your own fave sheep...feel free to enquire 

Then there's the Blacknose valais boys, Oreo, casanova, humbug, jammie, gogo and guinness, all such lovely sheep, so affectionate and fun 

I have created wet felted paintings alonng with artworks and even designed hats and cushions themed on the valais boys 


Prince Jammie _ the boy who thinks he's a dog 

Lots more sheepish themed goodies coming soon