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Ewe Love

Happy Hippy

The happy hippy in the attic...
Based in scarborough, literally over the road to the beach and five minutes walk up to the town centre 

Is at the top of the building, in the attic and some of the beams are low. 

We are a meat free establishment (vegan and veggie) 
Very close to the town centre and literally 2 minutes from the beach which is very lively in the summer season ( so there is noise and seagulls) 
It has a double bedroom but there is also a sofa bed. 
We are dog friendly. 
Please note there are 3 flights of stairs as this is attic space

You can book it via Air B n b  Happy Hippy In the Attic

Or you can text me the dates and for how many and i will return the call to confirm your booking 

Tel Sharon 07919310839