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Ewe Love

Hebridean Rugs H2 SOLD

Price: £135.00
UK Postage: £15.00
Overseas Postage: £25.00

"Ewe Love Rugs" ~ Now sold but you can prebook this years heb fleece rugs that will be coming after shearing 
"Handmade Hebridean Rugs"
No skin, it has been backed with wool and hand felted

We are now home to a few adorable hebridean sheep.

The fleece is lovely and soft and really unusual colouring, with many different shades of very dark brown to a grey/brown. The fleece shape is as it came off the sheep and the length at longest part is 52inch X 33 inch

Each fleece is carefully sheared, we handpick any dirt and vm from the fleece. Then it is hand felted which is very labour intensive, then finally it is washed over and over again. A true labour of love.
The shape of the rugs is how it has come off the sheep

I also use hair products to make the rug smell nice and keep its lush condition and shine

No cruelty, no skin, a real feel good rug ~ literally
It is a lightweight rug

Our sheep live out their entire life with us, no matter how long that is.
Not only do you get a lovely handcrafted vegetarian rug, you also get to help save a life :0)

Our sheep are sheared every year for welfare reasons, they are done by experts who take great pride and care when shearing.

Our ForEver Flock Rugs are for life, NO skin, just kindness love and compassion.

By trade i am a fashion designer and i love to create, i have a real passion for helping ex farmed animals and what better way to raise awareness and show kindness than to create a piece of art filled with love and compassion.

Your support is very important as we are home to 120 plus sheep at our sanctuary, along with pigs, cows, donkeys, alpacas, goats, hens, turkeys and geese.

We also do guided farm tours and also sheep walking experiences.

Please note this rug is listed elsewhere, if it were to sell before i got to update, we will happily refund or offer an alternative 

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