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Ewe Love

Sheep Walking

Price: £33.00
UK Postage: £1.00

Sheep Walking In Whitby Experience

Set in the heart of the North Yorkshire moors in Whitby. 

Walk a sheep, hug one of the world's cutest sheep, the Blacknose Valais...
Plus we also have rare breeds that now walk on a lead to ~ Coming soon.

The experience lasts 1 hour ( but often runs over ) 

You walk a black nose Valais on a lead around our grounds, you get to meet some of the rescues on our way around the 50 acres ( but if wanting to meet and greet the sanctuary residents then a guided tour can be booked. )

In the winter period, we are still offering sheep walking sessions but wellies and waterproof clothing is a must. 

The walk is finished with Tea & Scones ( Vegan and you would never know it ) in the craft hut, where you can buy gifts and trinkets to remind you of your special day ( funds raised go towards the sanctuary costs ) 

The session is 33.00 per person ~ we have 6 black nose sheep to walk so parties can be up to 4 

we need a minimum of 2  people per session...

If wanting 2 then choose quantity 2
3 people quantity 3 etc etc 

We need the name and address that the gift card to be sent and we will enclose our contact details along with a unique voucher code. The recipient can get in touch to confirm a convenient time to book the walk 

Valid for 6 months 

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