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Ewe Love

Hot Choc With Sheep

Price: £28.00
UK Postage: £1.00

Sheep  Sanctuary Hugging experience

We are based in tranmire, whitby, in the north yorkshire moors 

In winter when the weather is cold and wet, i personally cannot think of anything better than a sheep hugging session, finished with a delicuos mug of hot chocolate and and Ma's homemade hot choc fudge cake ( Vegan but you would never know) 

The session lasts for 1 hour but more often than not it runs longer 

You get to meet the big flock, some of them are just adorable. We are home to a wide variety of wonderful little sheep souls. Some shy, some totally cheeky, all with a name and a story. We can literally talk you to sleep once we get started talking sheep...Infact we have OSD (obssessive sheep disorder) but we love the illness 

If the weather is bad, we will arm you with a hot water bottle a bag of treats and a flock of sheep ~ they never cease to make you smile and really warm the cockles 

Finished with Hot Chocolate & Hot Choc Fudge Cake ( Vegan) 

We will also do sheep hugging in the summer but may change it to choc shake & icecream :0) 

The experience will be valid for 6 months. We will send a card to the person you name and it will have a unique reference, they will be able to contact us to arrange a convenient time. 

It is 30.00 per person so please select quatity Per person...We need a minimum of 2 but can host up to 10 

A great way to connect with some amazing sheep