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Ewe Love

Felted Gifts

Price: £49.00
UK Postage: £5.00
Overseas Postage: £15.00

Blacknose Valais 

My latest handmade creations, using the sheared wool from our "Forever Flocks"

We have 6 blacknose valais sheep that are our companion pets. I adore sheep and these truly are some of the "cutest sheep on the planet" 

These are hand felted using the wool from our blacknose valais sheep. 

Needle felting is very time consuming but i just love to create. He comes with a name tag "Prince Jammie" but can be made with a name of your choice. The wool i use is from our valais sheep which is washed and carded, then trimmed with the locks to finish it off. 

i can make to order with your own fleece if required, but please get in touch if this is what you want. 

All funds raised go towards the keep of our ever growing herd X 

PLEASE NOTE these are NOT toys and therefore are not suitable for children. They are adult ornaments

He is approx 9 inches tall and 7 inches at the widest part.