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Sanctuary Tours

Price: £33.00
UK Postage: £1.00

Sanctuary Farm Tour In Whitby Experience

Set in the heart of the North Yorkshire moors in Whitby, we are home to 150 plus rescued animals, that are safe for life. They come to us from many different places and all are "family farm friends" 

The summer experience is different to the winter one as many of the animals are in the barns, but we hope to continue throughout winter and summertime and still make it fun.

You will get to meet the cows, teddy bullock loves his treats ( which we only allow on special occasions) 
The alpacas will pop over for a carrot :0) 
The sheep never fail to flock to see friends
Cheeky boys "Micky n Bob" donkeys are never far away and so much more :0) 

The experience lasts 1 hour ( but often runs over ) and is finished with Tea & Scone ( Vegan and you would never know it ) in the craft hut, where you can buy gifts and trinkets to remind you of your special day ( funds raised go towards the sanctuary costs ) 

The session is 33.00 per person 

We need a minimum of 2  people per session.

If wanting 2 people t attend then choose quantity 2
3 people quantity 3 etc etc 

We need the name and address that the gift card to be sent and we will enclose our contact details along with a unique voucher code. The card is sent to 1 person 

The recipient can get in touch to confirm a convenient time to book the walk 

Valid for 6 months or longer as long as we have confirmed the date and time. 

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