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Ewe Love

Butterfly Kisses Sheep

Price: £125.00
UK Postage: £0.00
Overseas Postage: £9.95

Height: 26 Inches; Width: 12 Inches


"Butterfly Kisses" No 2 In memory of a little sheep that touched my heart

PLease note i can make these sheep with your own wool if you want it in memory of a much loved pet sheep

Please note the one in the photo's has sold....
No 2 limited edition Butterfly kisses will be made to order, so she will be slightly different as i like to keep the uniqueness has to be made to order so will need at least a week to get it made

Her sitting height is 26" X 12" ( her full length height is 36"x16 )

Sometimes in life you meet a special being that you just know was meant to be.
I only got a very short time with this sheep but the impact on my heart will stay with me forever and the connection with loved ones through this little girl was unreal.

I am a spiritual person that found a connection with my dad after he died and over the years the experiences have been mind blowing, but this one has to be the most incredible.
Fathers and daughters never say goodbye

"This connection was so powerful like nothing I’ve ever experienced.
I only got a short time with her but the connection with this sheep was amazing, like i had know her all my life, so much so that when she died, the grief struck me so hard.
We received a call that there was a sheep in need and off we went to collect her. She was very poorly and doubtful she would survive. As we drove home, she looked me in the eyes and gently nibbled my chin with butterfly kisses.
She looked into my eyes with no fear, just a look of the purest love I have ever seen.


I felt compelled to tell this story.
"Duchess" was just a little sheep from the farming industry, not a pet lamb or a loved sheep, yet she had no fear, just the most beautiful soul filled eyes and gentle kisses.
I believe she came to me so that i could tell her story. A story of love and connection with an animal that many see only as a commodity.
She gave me a new found strength, to pick myself up and carry on with what i am good at
Being a voice for the voiceless, she set me on a new pathway...
Helping people to see ALL animals are the same, they think, feel and have a powerful connection ...if we allow them ALL into our hearts and minds x

I created this little sheep in her memory. "Butterfly kisses"
This one is a one off piece ( it is not suitable for small children and is a collectible needle felted sheep)
Made with the much loved fleece of our Forever Flock
I will be making smaller versions in the future in her memory and all funds raised go towards the running costs of our "Sheep Sanctuary"

I have a true love for sheep ( i have a plant based diet and lifestyle of which i do promote to raise awareness and kindness) and we are now home to around 120, each and every sheep has a name and is loved just the same as a canine or feline friend X

Our sheep are sheared every year for welfare reasons, they are done by experts who take great pride and care when shearing.