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Ewe Love

CastleMilk posh pad

Price: £25.00
UK Postage: £0.00
Overseas Postage: £9.95

Length: 25 Inches; Width: 9 Inches


Ewe Love " Hand Knitted the "Castlemilk rare breed Cat Cuddle Pads" These are made for the window sills
it measures 25" X 9"
Last year we took on a few rare breed castlemilks that were surplus in the breeding program, they are now safe for life with us...

One little girl "Ginger" in particular is so loving its unreal. I only need to touch her and her little back legs crumble and down she sits for hugs and snuggles.

The cat model is our "Porto" who was rescued by our sanctuary founder "MIster Hawkins" who sadly passed away this month, he leaves behind a legacy. Porto was rescued from the streets of romania and will live with us along with the other 6 cats that kevin rescued X

Not only do you get a lovely handcrafted seat pad, you also get to help save a life :0)

This seat pad has been lovingly hand felted..and cats seem to LOVE them
It has been hand washed many times to get it super clean (however it may still have bits of VM (tiny bits of hay)


I have a true love for sheep ( i have a plant based diet and lifestyle of which i do promote to raise awareness and kindness) and we are now home to around 100, each and every sheep has a name and is loved just the same as a canine or feline friend X

Our sheep are sheared every year for welfare reasons, they are done by experts who take great pride and care when shearing. Our ForEver Flock Rugs are for life, NO cruelty just kindness love and compassion.

By trade i am a fashion designer and i love to create, i have a real passion for helping ex farmed animals and what better way to raise awareness and show kindness than to create a piece of art filled with love and compassion.

As we work hard to become self sustaining. Your support is very important.
We also do guided farm tours and also sheep walking experiences.

We take great pride in every item that we make but due to the nature of our little bunch of grazers, there may be small bits of lunch in the fleece.

Each sheep is carefully sheared, we handpick any dirt and vm from the fleece. A true labour of love.

No cruelty, no skin, a real feel good seat pad ~ literally