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Ewe Love

My Story

Ewe Love ( in brief) 
A plant based business in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors. 
A sanctuary to ex farmed animals that come from many different places. Home to Cows, pigs, sheep, goats, hens, turkeys, donkeys, alpacas and so much more.  
We do work with a lot of farmers now and take on the animals that are sick, injured or just not viable in the industry.
Ewe Love is a new business that creates Arts & Crafts with a sheep theme ~ providing a safe haven for my animals. 

Sheep Sanctuary (formerly known as c-a-l-f ) was established in 2009, it all started with an old cow "Mamamoo" and her dying calf "Baby Luvu".

We are home to approximately 200 rescues, 120 of them now being sheep, we recently rebranded simply because we knew which direction we wanted to go as our love for sheep has really taken off and we help many people to see and connect and working with the fleeces they grow seemed common sense to change our name. 

I have run a few different businesses over the years and relied heavily upon support via donations but social media is not the place it used to be and i want my independance back. So we are working very hard to become self sustaining alongside the support from our lovely loyal supporters. 

We live a plant based lifestyle and we owned a cafe up until last year when the pressure of life and family illness took its toll and we decided to close the cafe part of the business to be home for our friend who is terminally ill. 

Making that decision was pretty scary as that meant our income was at an all time low, but i have faith and a strong passion for what i love and i stepped into the void yet again to work with our rescues and the fleece from our many many sheep. 

We also launched a sheep walking and sanctuary tour experience to help people to connect with these truly beautiful animals and next year we launch our latest on site accommodation where you can come and stay on the sanctuary. 

We do have a very long way to go to become fully self sufficient but i just know that my love for what i do and desire to help people see "sheep" as they should be seen will eventually pay off 

I launched "ewe love" this year (2019) and hopefully with your support we will build. I am taking lots of different classes to learn and master new skills and the future is exciting. By trade i am a fashion designer and i missed the creative side...Hopefully i can get back to doing this, be with the animals and earn a living to kerp all in the luxury they are now used to ~ "Spoilt Sheep" 

Me and my lovely blacknose valais prince jammie