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Ewe Love

My Story

Ewe Love ( in brief) 

We are based on the Sheep Sanctuary, but we are a separate business.

Ewe Love is A plant based business in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors. 

We work alongside sheep sanctuary to create a business with wool and using the sanctuary residents for inspiration. 

Ewe Love is a new business that creates Arts & Crafts with a sheep theme mainly but also expanding into cats soon :0) 
We used to run the Vegan Cafe in scarborough "Calf Cafe" but sadly had to close it a few years ago when our business partner "Kevin" was diagnosed with brain cancer. 
We lost a big part of our income and thats how Ewelove came about as we needed to be home to take care of him so started to think of ways that we could earn a living from home. Sadly kevin passed away this year which not only was very sad it was also a huge worry for the sanctuary as kevin was a big part of it in so many ways. 

Ewelove is a way for us to earn a living as we do not draw a wage from the sanctuary at present we work for free for the sanctuary. 
No one can work for free but i did not want to draw wages from the sanctuary even though as a director i can. 
I decided to work alongside sheep sanctuary which is home  to ex farmed animals that come from many different places, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, hens, turkeys, donkeys, alpacas and so much more.  

Sheep Sanctuary is home to  approximately 300 rescues and has relied heavily upon donations over the years, but is now working hard to become self funding, with Huts and pods on site and soon to come a new Cat Cottage rental. Also with sanctuary tours, sheep walking and many other attractions coming.  

 I am taking lots of different classes to learn and master new skills and the future is exciting.
By trade i am a fashion designer and i missed the creative side. 
I am a fighter and i will succeed, simply because i "Believe" 

Me and my lovely blacknose valais prince jammie