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Ewe Love

Why Buy

Ewelove works with the sheared wool from Sheep Sanctuary's rescued sheep. Rather than discard it, we use it to create cruelty free gifts and merchandise which is a great way to raise awareness about "wool" 

A few points to look over before you purchase 
Totally natural products that are cruelty free, that come from animals that are loved for life.

Our Hand felted rugs and gifts are completely different to sheepskin products because the sheep are  still alive and enjoying life at the sanctuary.  The fleeces are straight off the sheeps back (for welfare reasons they NEED to be sheared)
Most of our products are made of 100% wool which is a lovely sustainable product, after shearing, we skirt ( remove any dirt and as much hay etc as we can ) 

The fleece is then washed and carded if we are using for paintings, needle felting or rug backings.  We hand card ourselves and then start the labour intensive procedure to make our wet felted rugs, using lots of soap, water and love along with elbow grease. 

Where does our fleece come from 
Virtually all our woolly products come from the sheared fleece of our own flocks. However sometimes we are gifted fleece from likeminded people. We do state which sheep your chosen product has come from though. 

Product Care 
Rug Care 
Our rugs are handmade, but due to the felted backing they are more for aesthetics as apposed to a lot of traffic. They should last for many years if treated with care 
Felted Gift Care 
Our sheep needle felted gifts are NOT suitable for small children due to the loose fibres and also sometimes small parts, again they are ornaments that should be treated with care as often they are delicate 
Are your products suitable for vegetarians 
ALL of our sheep are part of our "Forever Flocks" and they will spend their entire lives with us as a much loved family member, just the same as a cat or a dog. We ourselves are Vegan ( now called plant based ) and many of our customers are vegans who want to have a noo noo in their home, knowing that they have a "Kevin rug" A "Prince Jammie Collectible " Etc etc, it gives a special meaning knowing that our customers not only help us to save lives, they also have a unique piece of art that was made with love, that has tracability and was made with compassion from an animal that has a name and is safe for life 
Can products be cleaned 
Our needle felted gifts may over the years get dusty....Simple use a hair drier to blow away the cobwebs 
Our Rugs Etc. We do not recommend using a washing machine as the agitation can change the feel of the wool and cause felting.. You can handwash in cool water (preferably in the summer) Lay it flat over a mesh board to drip dry, once the most of the water has drained you can put on the washing line..but NOT when it is heavy with water... 
To freshen in winter you can put outside on the washing line to blow and freshen 
Do not hoover or tumble dry 

General Info 
We make, needle felted gifts, wet felted paintings, wet felted rugs & seat pads, cushions and loom rugs plus so much more, due to the nature of the pruducts and the fact that it is all made here with us and not factory processed, you may find the odd bit of din dins ( vegetation ) withing your product. It does pull out easy. 
The fibres are often delicate so please handle with care...
Keep away from dogs asi found out with my english bully when twice she ripped to pieces my labours of love 

If you need any more info...Please get intouch