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Ewe Love

Sheepy Wool Badge

Price: £5.99
UK Postage: £1.95
Overseas Postage: £3.95

Hand knitted woolly badge.

Here at "Sheep Sanctuary" we are so excited as we have had a number of our rescued sheep fleeces processed, to create knitting wool.
A natural creamy white
100% ethical wool
It has 10% alpaca which came from our much loved cuthbert alpaca.
We are a plant based sanctuary, we do not breed and all lives saved are with us for life

I cannot tell you how lovely it feels to see the fleece which would normally be discarded, turned into something usable, in fact it makes you feel quite emotional knowing that every sheep you have is safe for life and now we can try our best to become more sustainable by using the sheared fleece ( which is done by professionals and done with great care)